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Protecting the community from the inside.

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At CCSO, we are committed to promoting and maintaining public safety through effective correctional and reentry practices. Corrections deputies provide intake and release services for inmates, maintain order, and provide security at the Clark County Main Jail and Jail Work Center. Corrections deputies are responsible for the around-the-clock operation of the jail and must be available to work all shifts – day, swing and grave – as assigned, including weekends and holidays.

In addition to booking and releasing inmates and maintaining security in all areas of the jail, duties include supervising work assigned to inmates, performing safety and security searches, and writing reports on inmate rule violations and general conduct issues. Most assignments will involve supervising male and female inmates, ranging from minimum to maximum security levels. If you are interested in public safety and helping people successfully re-enter our community, apply today!

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How to join Our Corrections Deputy hiring process.


Complete the Public Safety Test

Clark County reviews scores and invites candidates to fill out an application.

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Physical Ability Test

Candidates for the position of corrections deputy must complete the Physical Ability Test.

Review Test Requirements

Application Review

Incomplete applications will not pass the review; candidates will be evaluated based on the content of their applications.


Application Eligibility List

Your candidate written exam scores will be ranked in order of highest to lowest and the Civil Service Commission will review and certify our candidates.


Clark County Will Complete a Background Investigation

This step involves a comprehensive investigation based on information provided by candidates’ personal history statements.


Final Selection Interview

As positions become available, the top five candidates who have successfully completed all of the recruitment processes are contacted to participate in a final interview process.


Post Offer Process

The post offer process includes successful completion prior to actual employment of another physical ability test, polygraph, psychological evaluation, and full medical including drug screening.


Veteran’s Preference

We award Veterans’ Scoring Criteria to veterans honorably released from active military service who meet all statutory requirements.

Your Field Speciality Assignments.

Commensurate with seniority and work experience, corrections deputies may serve in specialty and ancillary assignments including:

  • gavel Courtroom transport
  • shield Honor Guard
  • group Hostage negotiator – Crisis Intervention Team
  • fingerprint Inmate Classification
  • visibility Facility intel
  • admin_panel_settings Security Response Team
  • edit_note Training officer
  • badge Work Release
  • search Background Investigator
  • assignment Internal Affairs

taking care of you Salary, benefits & perks.

All of our benefits are designed to help you live a healthy lifestyle on and off the job.

Salary Range $58,232 to $84,315* annual

*Annual estimated salary may vary and is based on variable factors to include work schedule, longevity, and other qualified incentive pay.

  • Salary paid while attending Corrections Academy
  • Work 4 days on, 4 days off
  • Medical, dental, vision healthcare plans
  • Paid Vacation (224 hours increasing to 328 hours annually equaling 4.5 weeks increasing to 6.8 weeks per year)
  • Paid Holidays
  • Uniforms, dry cleaning and required equipment provided
  • Paid military leave and G.I. Bill participation
  • Retirement benefits of Washington State Public Safety Employees Retirement System Plan
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Comp time accrual

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We also strongly encourage women to apply to help the county meet the operational needs of a mixed gender jail population.

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